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clouds, birds, land


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I've always been interested in bird images—but not so much in the tight closeups you would use to ID a bird or study its plumage. Rather, I'm drawn to wider frames that show birds in the broad context of their world, or at least a glimpse of one momentary aspect of their ever-changing world. Several of the bird images in this gallery come from the gannet sanctuary in the Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve, at the southern tip of the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland.

For most of the cloud and sky images in this gallery, I've used the color palate and contrast and grain qualities of old Kodak Ektachrome 100 slide film. Maybe it’s because that allows the clouds to step forward as the natural subject of the shot—or maybe it’s because I spent my childhood looking at the National Geographic, and that characteristic Ektachrome palette is how I see the world.

STUART GELZER photography

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