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My photo book, HOODOO BADLANDS, is available at the Photo Book tab on this website. 

To purchase matted photo prints and all other photo products, continue below.

I sell images in a variety of formats and sizes:

traditional unframed matted prints (usually 11x14 or 16x20),

metal prints (usually 12x12 or 16x16), and notecard sets (4¼ x 5½).

Some other sizes are possible.

To order, please contact me.

Examples of each format are shown below the price list.


11x14 matted print (i.e., standard frame size) = $40.00

16x20 matted print (i.e., standard frame size) = $60.00

12x12 metal print (ready to hang) = $140.00

16x16 metal print (ready to hang) = $200.00

shipping for the first print = $15.00

shipping for each additional print* = $5.00

* in the same shipment, to the same address

To order, or if you have any questions, please contact me.

matted prints 01_REDO.jpg
metal print 01_REDO.jpg


Notecards are sold only in themed sets of four, as shown below.

one set of four themed notecards (blank inside), with envelopes = $16.00

shipping included

To order, please contact me.

preview Medley #1.jpg
preview Medley #1_back.jpg

Santa Fe Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks #1
Hollyhocks #2
Hollyhocks #3
Hollyhocks #4


Hoodoo Sentinels
Hoodoo Snowstorm
Apostle Hoodoos
Hoodoo  Wings

Southwest Desert Flora

Seed Ring
Succulent Blooms
Barrel Cactus
Cactus Blade

White Sands

White Sands #13
White Sands #23
White Sands #42
White Sands #33

Indian Bazaar

Bazaar - medley #1
Bazaar - bitter melon
Bazaar - lime and ginger
Bazaar - medley #2

Success! Message received.

2019 West Coast trip 9826_300p.jpg

photo by Lisbeth Cort

STUART GELZER photography

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